Here's a little "guidance" on how to do and how the order is progressing.

1) image(s) are selected here on the web or in my inventory catalogs

2) decision(s) taken on the number + size
+ perhaps purchase as e-picture (see here possibly. "InfoImageFiles")
but DO NOT FORGET ... to provide information on both
the Image-
* SequenceNumber
* RaceName
* RaceYear.

Note on picture SequenceNumber:
each events images start with (SequenceNumber) Bil001!

3) order sent by e-mail
(for or

4) the order is confirmed with a count of price, plus any. comments

5) the agreed amount transferred to Danish Bank Account 03396150 (RegNr. 1551).
If using home banking or a trip to the post office, is up to you.
Note for international bank-transfers, see "BankingInfo"

6) after reception of payment, the order is processed and shipped

7) receiver will rejoice (hopefully) the outcome

Best regards
Dennis B.